Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Think you don't have time to make a healthy breakfast?

Think again!

I work every morning at 6:30am, I love breakfast, but I refuse to wake up extra early to make it. So I usually pack up my breakfast the night before, this generally consist of cereal, packets of oatmeal, and fruit. An okay way to start the day but I wanted something cheaper, with less sugar, and more filling. The solution? Night before oatmeal, AKA oatmeal in a jar!

I learned of this over-night miracle from Carrie at Moves 'N Munchies. I've just started reading her blog and am already quickly developing a long list of recipes and ideas, all of which are very healthy and consist of healthy goodness!

How to make this divinity
First thing you do is measure out the oats, I used one fourth of a cup of plain ol' Quaker oats. Next add "milk", I used one half cup of soy milk. Then add your spices! I used cinnamon and a little bit of all spice, you could add whatever you like! Maple syrup, brown sugar, peanut butter, the possibilities are endless! See why this is so amazing?

Before the Fridge 

After the being mircowaved at work
 Then with a crumbled granola bar on top
This stuff was so much better than what I use to make from the packets and just as easy to make, even at 6:30am while the coffee is still brewing! I'm going to start experimenting with making my own protein bars and snacks, maybe those will end up on my oatmeal next! One thing for sure is I am never going back to packets of oatmeal again!


Anonymous said...

woohoo!!! love your oatmeal!!! and YES i always top mine with my protein packed baked goods... SO delicious and adds that extra protein punch!

Anonymous said...

Ooh yay, overnight oats are great! Love them! Yours look divine, I always add chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder and vanilla extract to make brownie oats and I eat them cold!